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Adelaide Backpackers & Hostels

Adelaide has many backpackers and hostels that offer cheap accommodation. Do use the search box above to help find them.

Adelaide is Australia’s fifth largest city and the state capital of South Australia, it is a very popular tourist destination for backpackers and youth and is home to some of Australia’s best city beaches. Because of this and its numerous tourist attractions it also has one of the largest selections of hostels in Australia, which are a friendly, shared accommodation, typically designed for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts on a tight budget. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding hostels, they are often lumped into the same category as flop houses or halfway houses, but although there were once a lot of similarities between them, hostels have come along way from their bare minimum communal model to include a wide range of amenities and today include more services than even hotels.

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The greatest concentration of Adelaide hostels is around the Adelaide city center, if you’re looking for a hostel in an excellent location, this is the place to look. This is central Adelaide, in this location you can easily and quickly access everything, public transportation, shopping outlets, tourist attractions, beaches, museums, cultural facilities, bars, night clubs, the works. Areas such as Carrington Street, Franklin Street, Gouger Street, Holdfast Promenade, Lefebvre Terrace, King William Street, Rundle Street, and the Henley Beach coastline are just a few of the many areas where the hostels concentration is high. There are tons of Hostels in Adelaide, but some excellent hostels definitely worth checking out, located close to all city attractions, including restaurants, shops and transportation amenities are the Tattersall’s international backpacker hostel, the backpacker Oz hostel, and the Adelaide Central YHA, all of which are well reviewed and located in excellent locations around central Adelaide, close to transportation amenities, as well as the city centre. These hostels won’t cost you upwards of thirty dollars a night, have a variety of private and shared dorm rooms, a wide range of amenities, a fully-equipped kitchen, Laundry facilities and wireless Internet access, Oz even has free bicycle rentals.

Keep in mind each hostel has its own vibe, but because most hostels are commercialized now, they are very standardized, the majority of the top hostels will include the same large number of amenities, everything from pool tables to hot tubs. Most hostels foster a party orientated atmosphere targeted towards youth. They have a socialist, egalitarian feel to them, this is what distinguishes them from hotels. There is little privacy in a hostel, you are always in the presence of other backpackers or tourists, it is a temporary union of strangers who don`t know each other but likely have a lot in common. This can be a refreshing experience for people used to the privatized isolating nature of hotels.
It’d be a good idea to bring earplugs, people may be entering and leaving the hostel at all hours of the night. When deciding on a hostel in Adelaide, never settle on a hostel that doesn’t contain some sort of locking mechanism for storing valuables, most Hostels will have a locker where you can store your stuff, it has become the standard, but it’s still important to make sure , because remember the people you are bunking with in a hostel, while they may seem like nice people, you don’t really know them, and you won’t likely see them again, be cautious, guard your stuff at all times and make sure your valuables are kept safe. Find a hostel in a location that’s nearest to the sites or areas you intend to visit. Also, check the hostels website and make sure it meets all your requirements before deciding to book a date.


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