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In comparison to the traffic congestion of many other Australian cities, getting around Adelaide by road can be a breath of fresh air for drivers. The Adelaide City Council boasts that Adelaide is a 20 minute city, where you can get just about anywhere in that time. While the city still experiences peak hour times in the morning and late afternoon, the 20 minute assertion is mainly on the money. The grid system that the city is set out on also makes navigating your way around straightforward.

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The speed limit when driving on suburban streets is 50 km/hr and out on the highway or freeways it is usually 110km/hr unless otherwise signed. Adelaide’s main roads infrastructure is centred on four freeways – the South Eastern Freeway (M1), the Southern Expressway, the Port River Expressway and the Northern Expressway.

When driving in and around Adelaide, you have the freedom to go wherever the mood takes you quickly. Getting to the Adelaide Hills is a quick trip when driving taking only 30 minutes. The easiest route is to travel along the South Eastern Freeway climbing the 720 metres altitude into the hills in no time. There are also scenic routes you can explore when doing a self-drive trip journeying along the Greenhill Road and Norton Summit Road giving you superb views over the city and the hills.

Another scenic self-drive trip around Adelaide is the route to the Fleurieu Peninsula which takes less than an hour. This is done by heading down the Main South Road to Maclarenvale. Alternatively, you can go along the Princes Highway and enter the region via Wellington where you cross the Murray River on a cable ferry.

If you plan to hire a car upon arrival there are hire companies such as Avis, Budget, Thrifty and Hertz located at the airport. There are also locations on North Terrace in the CBD where you can hire a car.


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