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A tour of Adelaide can include several activities. These can be located within Adelaide, or they can begin in this area, go through it to the outskirts and return to the capital city. It is well worth booking one of our Adelaide tours before you arrive to make sure it is available and saves a lot of time and hassle once you arrive. Check some of the Adelaide tours out using our search box below. 

One of the things that many people would like to see in Adelaide is the Adelaide hills. These hills have villages that are located on them, and they are able to get a feel of the rural lifestyle in the area.

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A tour of the buildings that are in this city can be very interesting. This is because there is a lot of history that is represented by these structures. They are also able to give some insight on the architectural styles that are present in this area and those that were there in the past.

Going south is Victor Harbor and a very pleasant coastal town with must do horse carriage across the causeway.

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An animal lover can get a thrill from visiting the area of Adelaide. This is because you can be able to view several different kinds of within the city and in the surrounding areas.

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This can be the famous Australian kangaroos and the nocturnal animals that are present in the Adelaide hills. This experience can also be obtained from visiting the parks. One such park is the Urimbirra Wildlife Park that boasts of a wide variety of animals. Most of the animals that are in the area are nocturnal and therefore, a nighttime visit would be more appropriate. There is also a variety of marine animals that can be seen. These can be the magnificent Australian sea lions, penguins and other marine animals.

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Visitors can also engage in other activities like hiking, swimming, sightseeing and even bird watching. It is also possible to choose and Adelaide tour by riding bicycles in groups. This is not only enjoyable, and it ensures that you see all the areas first hand and interact with them in the process.

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One set of are the very popular Adelaide wine tours that visit the beautiful wineries in the region. A tour of Adelaide is not complete until you have visited the winery and had a chance to taste the collection of wine that is offered.

This can be a very eye opening experience because you are able to see the process that is carried out so that there can be production of high quality wine. This can also include a meeting with the winemaker where you can ask any questions that you might have.


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